by Kim Zuñiga and Sandro Del Rosario

When his grandfather falls ill, an orphaned boy and his malfunctioning robot embark on a quest to look for magical grains that he believes will save the old man’s life.


Zyren dela Cruz, Ricky Davao, Miguel Valdes, Marc Felix, Anna Luna, JM Canlas, Rolando Inocencio, Raphael Robes, Victor Medina, Mio Maranan, Chryssta Cordoves, Jermaine Choa Peck


Kim Zuñiga has always been a storyteller. Her 2014 student short film “Bimyana,” a coming-of-age tale of a young Ayta girl, got invited in film festivals both in the Philippines (2014 Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave) and abroad (2015 Manhattan International Festival in New York City where it won the third best film).

Sandro Del Rosario’s love for filmmaking started at a young age. A big fan of films like Blade Runner and Jurassic Park, he wants to champion the presence of more genre films (specially science fiction) in Philippine Cinema. In 2016, his science fiction shorts “Dystopium” was part of the 2017 Viddsee Juree Philippines.

“ANi” is their first full length film and the first time to take part in Cinemalaya. In 2018, ANi won the Best Film Pitch during the DGPI – FDCP Film Pitch competition and is one of the top projects in the Southeast Asian Film Financing (SAFF) Forum in Singapore.


YEAR 2050: Dreaming of the Future; Re-examining the Past

 “Of all forms of literature Science Fiction is the only one that primarily concerns itself with imagining the future. The history of humankind is one of a mixture of gradual and accelerated changes– social, intellectual and technical, where each small change can lead to a multiverse of possibilities and it’s the job of Science Fiction to contemplate these possibilities and consider their potential consequences.”- Victor Fernando R. Ocampo

We have always been fans of Science Fiction. “La Jetee,” “Metropolis,” “Blade Runner,” “Alien,” “E.T.,” “Back to the Future,” “Contact,” “Wall-e,” “The Iron Giant,” and “Batang X.” We have always wanted to make a Filipino Science Fiction film that felt like it could fit into that canon.

We live in a world where the “unimaginable” in previous societies have become a reality: space travel, internet, nanotechnology, and globalization. Yet never before have we felt helpless in the face of forces we ourselves have created like nuclear disaster and climate change.

Set in the Year 2050 State of Bicol, “ANi” is a unique Filipino sci-fi, coming-of-age full length film that centers on the perceptions of a young boy (Mithi) as he moves from the city to a rural farming community to live with his estranged grandfather (Mauricio). We witness through his eyes the turn of events; the journey that changes his life, and how his relationships and interactions with a malfunctioning robot, and other people force him to embrace growth and, in the process, find the hero within.

Set in a sci-fi depiction of a future Philippines at the crossroads of technological advancements and environmental decay, the film is an attempt to question the double-edged nature of development. As we progress as a nation, do we let go of our humanity? Are we all becoming machines fuelled by consumption, greed and power?

“The fundamental premise of sci-fi is NOT spaceships and lasers- it’s that children can learn from the mistakes of their parents.”- David Brin

Perhaps Science Fiction’s ultimate purpose is to serve as our own cautionary tale- a fantastical but real letter from the future. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to step back, re-examine what we stand for, and how each choice we make can lead to a multiplicity of futures. And like the great science fiction films of the past that we truly adore, our hope is that this film allows us to reflect on what makes a human being truly human.


Director: Kim Zuñiga and Sandro Del Rosario
Screenplay: Toni Zuñiga, Kim Zuñiga, and Sandro Del Rosario
Cinematography: Alex Uy
Production Design: Verna Ignacio, Darwin Ignacio, Raedag Villamin
Editing: Kim Zuñiga and Sandro Del Rosario
Original Music Score: Vince Lim
Sound: Andrew Millalos
2D Animation Director: Cholo Katipunan
Visual Effects Producer: Sixto Del Rosario


GENRE: Science Fiction Coming-of-age

Behind the Scenes