The Cinemalaya Institute offers graduate level classes on Writing, Directing and Production Management. Join the growing number of professionals who can attest to how enriching the classes are

and how these have helped them in their respective careers. Intensive classes will be held at the CCP from March-June 2019.

Heading the program is film director Carlos Siguion-Reyna. He also handles the Basic Filmmaking: The Silent Film class. Mr. Siguion-Reyna has taught film direction at the University of the Philippines Film Institute’s film

program and in short lectures/workshops for the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Mowelfund Film Institute. From 2008 to 2015, he was in the faculty of the New York

University Tisch School of Asia’s M.F.A. program in film, where he taught film directing, directing scenes, directing actors, screenwriting, team collaboration in filmmaking, and music video.  From 2013 to 2015,  he was also Head of Third Year Studies in the same graduate film program.

The Basic Filmmaking class is a DIRECTING course. The basics of narrative visual language are studied in class and practiced through five two-minute non-dialogue  exercise films. Towards the end of the course, each student

will direct his KEYSTONE PROJECT: a seven-minute silent digital film.

The purpose of the course is to challenge the student to find his own cinematic voice within the basic, commonly understood language of narrative film. The approach is similar to that of a Fine Arts laboratory.

Directing class of 2018
Class of 2016 with Sophia Wellington, seated, 3rd from left.


Designed for students with scriptwriting experience and with outlines or drafts of existing screenplays, the course headed by Sophia Wellington of the London Film School will take students through the process of refining a

feature idea, creating strong characters, developing a story arc, writing a step outline and a draft of the screenplay.  They will study plotting, visual story-telling, scene writing and dialogue as they meet the challenge of a robust

outline.  At the end of the course, students will have a step outline and scenes to enable them to complete a draft of their feature screenplay.

JP Su, extreme right, with his 2018 batch, handles the production management class.

Production Management

Film production has many elements that must be organized and coordinated before shooting begins and maintained throughout filming.  The course teaches students the fundamental skills and procedures used in managing the making of a film.

The course examines crew structure and the collaborative responsibilities of crew members, legal issues regarding agreements, rights, copyright and trademark clearances, insurance, location permits, talent agreements, scheduling, budgeting, transportation, crew deals and supplier agreements.  Particular attention is paid to professional practice concerning the structure of the workday, shooting hours, turn around time and safety issues that are the

mutual responsibility of the producer, director and AD (Assistant Director). It also explores techniques for casting, location scouting, tech scouts and read throughs.