by Glenn Lowell Averia

Away from his home in the province, Paul shuffles between the responsibilities of being the eldest sibling in their apartment and reconnecting with his youngest brother Carl who now lives with him.


Glenn Forneste Averia is a graduate of Mapúa University School of Media Studies. He took up Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema. “Disconnection Notice” (2019) is his thesis film.


“Disconnection Notice” is an artistic exploration of the director’s relationship with found film locations, specifically their interior structure and geography, as projected through the story of a young man on the cusp of adulthood.

The filmmaker wrote the script based on the location’s raw state – uncorrupted and free from excessive alterations and reconstruction – and without any intention of transforming it just to satisfy the film’s requirements. He allegorized this creative decision with the narrative that hits close to home for him – a middle child’s discovery of adulthood in the context of being the eldest sibling and the responsibilities that come with it – a phase that he stripped off of fanfare and unnecessary drama.

Since he started joining various film productions, the director has been devoting time to the understanding of found location’s value-adding power in filmmaking. The overall narrative of the film is heavily based on the director’s effort to grasp and develop his relationship with the organic spaces where films happen, juxtaposed with the narrative of a young man’s journey to narrowing down the space and breaking the emptiness and isolation between him and his sibling.


GENRE: Family Drama, Comedy

Behind the Scenes