Poolside Man, Cinemalaya 2017 Visions of Asia

In a suburb north of Tokyo lives Yusuke Mizuhara who works as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. With no family, friends or love, he leads a lonely and monotonous life until one day when he goes to another pool as a replacement guard.

Hirobumi Watanabe
Main Cast: 

Gaku Imamura, Hirobumi Watanabe, Misao Hirayama, Takanori Kurosaki, Kodo Toda, Hitoshi Suzuki, Mina Takeda, Karin


Executive Producer/Screenplay/Editor/Director: Hirobumi Watanabe
Executive Producer/Music: Yuji Watanabe
Cinematographer: Woohyun Bang
Producers: Hideki Watanabe, Akemi Watanabe
Special Thanks: Kojiro Imamura, Kyoko Imamura

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