The film tells the story of a journalist (Eloisa) whose expose’ of the truth results in life-changing consequences to a baseball team of poor boys. Inspired by a true story.

Gil M. Portes
Main Cast: 

Alessandra de Rossi, Jan Harley Hicana, John Michael Bonapos, Cris Villanueva, Richard Quan, Jim Rocky Tangco, Sue Prado, Dax Alejandro, and Arnold Reyes


Produced and Directed by - Gil M. Portes
Screenplay - Senedy Que
Producer - Rey Cuerdo
Executive Producers - Roman Leus, Patrick Leus
Line Producer - Jay Jomar F. Quintos
Production Manager - TJ Romero, Teejay Sakuma
DOP - Rommel Sales
Film Editor & Sound Designer - Dempster Samarista
Production Design - Cyrus Khan
Musical Scorer - Teresa Barrozo
Sound - Joseph Santos

Gil M. Portes

Gil M. Portes is a director, scriptwriter, and producer who has won a number of awards. His films have been presented and acclaimed locally and internationally. He is the only Filipino director who has had three films submitted to the Oscars for consideration in the Best Foreign-Language Film category: “The Kite” (1999), “In The Bosom Of The Enemy” (2001), and “Small Voices” (2002). In the very 1st edition of the CINEMALAYA Director’s Showcase, his entry, TWO FUNERALS won several awards, including the highly-coveted Best Director trophy.




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4 years 9 months ago by Jampol Gregorio

saan po ba pwede panoorin ung the liars ? or meron po kya sa dvd copy nyan ?


4 years 9 months ago by Jerrico Montero Janoras

Plss ! Vote .. salamat =)


4 years 10 months ago by Jay Buenaflor

Hi, I'd like to ask how we can catch screenings of this and others films in the festival. I'd missed the festival, but, look forward to taking my daughter to check out some of the films. Will there be a regular run, available on video, etc. Any info be highly appreciated. Travesty if we don't get to see what seems to be a very important film. Is there really no justice anymore?.....hahaha....


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