Baconaua by Joseph Israel Laban. Cinemalaya 2017 Full-Length Feature Category finalist

After a turbulent squall in the night, villagers wake up to the astonishing sight of the sea that has turned red.

Directed By: 
Joseph Israel Laban
Main Cast: 

Elora Españo, Teri Malvar, JM Salvado, Bembol Roco


Director: Joseph Israel Laban

Story: Joseph Israel Laban

Writers: Joseph  Israel Laban, Denise O' Hara

Executive Producer: Katrina C. Ponce Enrile

Producers: Nicole Runi, Sara Santiago, Derick Cabrido

Co Producers: Jedd Dumaguina, TM Malones

Line Producer: Bong E. Salvejos

Supervising Producer: Sara Santiago

Associate Producers: Princess Gatmaitan, Ariel Bacol

1st Assistant Director: Sheryl Rose M. Andes

2nd Assistant Director: Patricia Salic

DOP: TM Malones

Production Designer: Marielle Hizon

Editors: Benjamin Tolentino, Cyril Bautista


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