Mando, a Bikolano devotee of Ina, Virgin of Peñafrancia, Patroness of Bikolandia, injures himself in the middle of the forest at the foot of the Mayon Volcano. He will be nursed back to health by a mysterious woman, Salome. They will eventually fall in love with each other. But when Mando invites her to come with him to the plains, Salome refuses, saying a curse prohibits her from leaving the forest. Salome holds a secret that will devastate Mando’s love for her. Meanwhile, Mando relies on his devotion to the Virgin of Peñafrancia to lift the curse, making him realize just how inextricably linked are the virtues of love and faith.

Alvin B. Yapan
Main Cast: 

Paulo Avelino, Mara Lopez, Ramona Rañeses, Roy B. Dominguiano


Written and Directed by Alvin Yapan
Executive Producers - Alemberg Ang, Alvin Yapan
Associate Producer - Khristian Cordero
Production Manager - Maxie Cuangco Evangelista III
DOP - Dexter dela Peña
Production Design - Dennis Corteza, Paolo Rey Mendoza Piaña
Art Directors - Pat Noveno, Roy B. Dominguiano
Editing - Chuck Guiterrez
Musical Score - ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mr. Gerard Salonga
Music - Teresa Barrozo, Jireh Pasano
Sound Design - Ray Andrew San Miguel, Andrew Milallos

Alvin Yapan

Alvin Yapan ventured into filmmaking with his first solo feature-length film for Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe (The Rapture of Fe), winning Best Picture (Digital Feature Category) at the 33rd Cairo International Film Festival (2009). His film Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) won the Bronze Award at the 28th Festival de Cine de Bogota (2011) and Best Picture at the Gawad Urian (2012). He holds a doctoral degree in Philippine Studies from the University of the Philippines, and currently teaches at the Ateneo de Manila University.




3 years 9 months ago by Nicole Fuentes

Greetings! Dr. Veronica E. Ramirez is currently writing a book on Contemporary Art in the Philippine Regions, which is a compilation of lessons on the visual and performing arts. She intends to include in this book your photo of Alvin Yapan's "Debosyon" (, which can inspire the intended readers, Senior High School students. May I respectfully ask permission on her behalf to include this photo in the said book? Rest assured that you will be properly acknowledged in the book. Nicole Fuentes


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