The film tells the story of a former 1980’s film cameraman who now currently works as a movie pirate operating in present day Manila. He routinely smuggles a digital camcorder into movie theaters in order to illegally record films. One night he records something else... And the footage goes viral.

Mikhail Red
Main Cast: 

Ronnie Quizon, Mike Lloren, Buboy Villar, Earl Ignacio, Suzette Ranillo, Belinda Mariano, Lowell Conales, Joe Gruta, Archie Adamos, Abe Pagtama 


Director - Mikhail Red
Story and concept - Mikhail Red
Screenplay - Mikhail Red and Ian Victoriano
Executive Producer - Butch Jimenez
Produced by - Pamela L. Reyes
Co-Producers - Dave Hukom, Simon Nicolas, Jr., Suzette Ranillo
Associate Producers - Dustin Uy, Tyrone See, Abe Pagtama
Cinematography - Arvin Viola
Additional Cinematography - Carlo Manatad, Manie Magbanua
Production Designer - Roy Red
Art Director - Mikey Red
Music Scoring and Sound Design - Pepe Manikan
Production Managers - Victoria Mostoles, Andy Valenzuela
Assistant Director - Raul Morit
Editors - Mikhail Red, Carlo Manatad
Production Outfit - Filmex, Inc., PelikulaRED

Mikhail Red

Born in December 1991, Mikhail Red is one of the youngest independent filmmakers in the Philippines today. His very first short film got him into an international festival at the age of 15. Growing up as a teenager he enrolled in various workshops and was involved in multiple commercial and motion picture productions while acting as an apprentice to his father, Filipino filmmaker and Palme D’or winner, Raymond Red. &Through the years he has made six short films, all have competed or have screened in film festivals locally and abroad, earning him multiple awards and recognition's as an up-and-coming filmmaker. As an independent artist and an auteur, Mikhail Red has written, directed, edited, and self-produced most of his works. At 21, he has completed his first feature length film entitled Rekorder.



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