In a fishing village that’s been ravaged by a strong typhoon, the bond of twin brothers is disrupted by another young boy.  Hilom follows the journey of the brothers, Andres and Gael, as they find healing against the harsh landscape of an island that’s also trying to recover.

Directed By: 
P.R. Patindol
Main Cast: 

Andrew Maog, Joaquin Maog, Chester OriÑo, Jerry Maog


Screenplay and Direction: P.R.Patindol

Executive Producers: Ging Patindol, Vilma Patindol, P.R. Patindol

Producers: Giancarlo Abrahan, Cia Hermosa-Jorge, X Vallez

Associate Producer: Boy Abunda

Editing: Giancarlo Abrahan

Cinematography: Marco Limjap

Production Design: Ana Marika Francisco

Music: Ian Amane

Sound Design: Ian Amane, Gregorio Rodriguez III

Sound Recording: JP Nazareno

Art director, makeup, wardrobe: Gabriela Tatad

Assistant Director: Gregorio Rodriguez III

Production Manager: Daianne Moreno


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