Lisyun qng Geografia (Geography Lessons)

Tib chances upon an old map that triggers him to retrace the places that are special to him and his high school best friend, Tric.

Running Time: 20 minutes

Main Cast: 

Tib: Earl Policarpio 

Tric: Ross Pesigan 

Walking Street Bikers: Chad De Guzman, Brian Sulicipan 

High School Students: Midori Boys, Hillcrest Soccer Team, Glenn Barit, Jade Castro,  Alvin Francisco, Victor Villanueva

Basketball Coach: Bryan Dumaguina

Apo: Auring Vargas


Writer & Director: Petersen Vargas 

Executive Producer: Lolita C. Vargas

Producer: Charms Valenzuela 

Assistant Directors: Cy Bautista, Chad De Guzman 

Production Manager: Josef Ian Bondoc 

Location Manager: Brian Sulicipan 

Production Coordinator: Erika Cruz 

Talent Coordinator: Iris Lee 

Script Continuity: Sabs Quesada 

Production Associates: Stefan Punongbayan, Kyle Nieva, Sonia Regalario 

Creative Consultant: Jade Castro 

Script Consultant: Bebe Go

Thesis Adviser: Rolando Tolentino

Director of Photography: Carlos Mmauricio

Gaffer: Ice Idanan

2nd Camera Operators: Martika Ramirez, Misha Balangue 

Production Designer: Aandre De Guzman Montejo

Art Director: Robi Sarmiento 

Set Decorator: Michelle Bacabac

Wardrobe: Baschia Mariano 

Make-up: Alvin Francisco 

Art Department: Mervin Afan, Joanne Cesario, Margarita Mina 

Editors: Sari Estrada, Cy Bautista 

Music Composer: Ourselves the Elves 

Colorist: Miko Araneta 

Sound Designer: Bryan Dumaguina

Head Live Sound Recordist: Bryan Dumaguina

Sound Recordists: Easy Ferrer, JM Jamisola, 

Boom Operator: Glenn Barit

BTS Photo and Video:  Bernardine Gracia, Janine Maniego

Still Photographs: Lee Cepada, Brian Sulicipan

PETERSEN VARGAS graduated cum laude at the UP Film Institute in 2014. He has been nominated twice for the Gawad Urian (Filipino Film Critics Prize) for Best Short Film for his Kapampangan works 5 Ning Gatpanapun (Five in the Afternoon, 2012) and Lisyun qng Geografia (Geography Lessons, 2014), his thesis film which garnered recognition as the Best Narrative Film Thesis in his batch. His other short films have been screened and awarded in various local (Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, Cinema One Originals Festival, Gawad CCP for Alternative Film and Video, Singkuwento International Film Festival Manila, Philippines, CineKabalen Film Festival) and international (Cinemanila International Film Festival, Salamindanaw International Film Festival, Thai Short Film and Video Festival, and the Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival) film festivals.

He was recently voted the Screenwriter’s Choice award by his co-fellows in Jun Lana’s CinePanulat Scriptwriting Lab this 2015 for his first full-length feature screenplay entitled Terakan Queng Dalan (Dancing by the Road). He is currently part of the Creatives team of Jun Lana and Perci Intalan’s company, The Idea First.



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