Apasol (Chasing Sun)

An afternoon of love and farewell as Mark and El spend their last afternoon together wishing on a tree, waiting to fade with the sun. 

Running Time:  19 minutes

Language:          Chavacano de Zamboanga

Production:        Hombrella Pictures, Cinema Atenista

Ryan Joseph Murcia
Main Cast: 

Ikoh Alcuizar as Mark

Ryanne Murcia as El


Director and Writer: Ryanne Murcia

Producers: Monabelle Blanco Delgado, Julius Lapasaran, Esterlina Murcia, Cherry Grace Ancheta, Ivy Mejorada      

Cinematographer: Xeph Suarez

Assistant Cinematographer: Jay Bautista

Editor: Ryanne Murcia

Live Sound: Kim Tayona

Colorist: Xeph Suarez

Sound Designers: Ryanne Murcia, Xeph Suarez

Production Design: Bea Luistro

Production Manager: John Renzo Wee

Production Assistants: Ernesto Dimaguila,  Jessa Aquino, Renzo Parreno

Translators: Michael Angelo Filoteo,  Marion Guerrero

Raised in a small town called Ipil in the province of Zamboanga Sibugay, Ryan Joseph Murcia, more often called Ryanne, grew up picking wild flowers in the morning and spending  the rest of the day daydreaming. This day dreaming and imaginings paved the way to the eventual creation of his early films, including the provocative short film No Ama Conmigo (Love Me Not) which won the Jury Citation for Mindanao Film in the 1st Salamindanaw International Film Festival on 2013 and is now featured on viddsee.com.

Ryanne is part of the fabulous filmmaking trio, Hombrellas, together with his college BFFs Francesca and Petunia. He is notorious for his tragic yet calm cliff-hangers. Ryanne no longer picks wild flowers in the mornings but still spends most of his day daydreaming.




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