Lola Loleng


A young woman goes back to her province in the countryside where she gets to once again meet her Grandmother Loleng - a distant relative and a senile parol (Christmas lantern) artisan. Together, they will explore Grandma Loleng’s landscape of memories, only to unearth her innermost secrets and wartime experiences. It is about memory and forgetting, both in the context of the personal and of the national consciousness.

Directed By: 
Che Tagyamon
Main Cast: 

LuiManansala, Mariel Urbiztondo, Isabel Quesada, Renaissance Tuason; Voice actors: Hiroshi Ega, Jun Igarashi, NJ Nunez, Steve dela Cruz, Ryla Berico


Executive Producers: Jane Tagyamon, Elizer Tagyamon
Producer: Che Tagyamon
Director of Photography: Steven Evangelio
Sound Engineer: Yves Patron
Musical Score: Ian Bondoc, Glenn Barit
Editor and Lead Animator: Che Tagyamon
Assistant Director: Joanne Cesario
Production Manager: Trishtan Perez
Production Coordinator: Carla Manalo, Karen Lustanas
Talent Coordinator: Jamme Robles
Edit log, Slate: Alvin Francisco
Sound Recordist: Brian Sulicipan
Subtitles: Arnex Nicolas
Second Camera: Glenn Barit
Rotoscope Animators: Meel Banania, Ric Coprada, Nina Aliga, Prince Viterbo, Danielle Madrid, Bricx Dumas, CJ Paglinawan, Nikki dela Cruz, Jei Marcelino, Bryan Aranda, Kim Goingo, Oko Francisco, Kimberly  Baylon, Luigi Almuena, Chelsea Oleta, Jay Limcangco, Nicole Cu, Aren Chavez

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