by Harold Lance Pialda

The lone survivor of an ambush is being haunted by the war he survived.


Harold Lance is a film graduate from Mapúa University. A filmmaker who dreams to create films with societal impact, he started working as a camera operator for various films like “The Lookout,” “Mamang,” and “Anatomiya ng Pag-Ibig.” Dreaming big, the filmmaker aims to be a part of different movies in the near future.


The film “Gatilyo” is something that is very close to my heart. I have always wondered how a soldier’s life goes on after a war has ended. Society sometimes paint soldiers in a bad light without extending the understanding that they need, especially when they become mentally ill after the war. “Gatilyo” aims to shed light on soldiers who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how this affects them and their families after the war. “Gatilyo” is also a call for help from the government to increase their efforts to address this issue, extend help and treatment to soldiers with PTSD, and offer assistance to families who are also affected by the aftermath of wars.


GENRE: Drama, Action

Behind the Scenes