By: TM Malones
Written by: Joseph Israel Laban


Sara carries with her a heavy burden from her past – an encumbrance what will only be relieved when she finally exacts revenge on the man who murdered her entire family.

When Sara’s entire family perished in a motorcycle accident at a rough highway in Maasin, Iloilo – she crashed into a deep depression that is now gradually being replaced by an overpowering need to avenge them. She has come to believe that her husband and daughter were murdered and only be exacting revenge onthe culprit will she finally find some closure. Having replaced her husband as a truck driver hauling bamboo all over Panay Island, she searches for the man who murdered her entirefamily.Butattheendofherjourneyshefindssomethingshedidnotquite expect – a discoverythat could profoundly change her entire life.