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Genre: Drama
Rating: R 16
Total Running Time: 00:19:33


A blind and aging gay who makes a living washing clothes sees what matters the most in life after losing the man he loves.


Kiko is a narrative drama about finding what matters the most in one’s life on a roller coaster journey.  It is a story of moving forward, one step at a time, in the face of the harsh realities of life.  The story revolves around Kiko, a blind gay man in his sixties who makes a living as a laundress in a poor coastal community in Batangas City.  He raises his eight year old adopted son, Ton-Ton, and supports his lover, Rex by doing his neighbors’  laundry.  Despite being visually impaired, his hands and senses do wonders in delivering fresh clean clothes to his neighbors.  Kiko’s whole life revolves around Ton-ton and Rex, and that of the drying well which has been vital to his livelihood.  He knows his circumstances and had long adapted to them, taking the most of what he can.  It’s the same when it comes to Rex, who never stopped philandering and engaging in dubious activities despite Kiko’s unwavering support.  As long as he can take care of both of Ton-ton and Rex, Kiko is happy.  Things go awry when Rex figures in a drug mess, is hunted by a local syndicate and runs away with all the money Kiko had – leaving Kiko with nary a dime, and void of dignity and pride.  In the end, Kiko is left with nothing and no one else but Ton-ton.  Depsite the ruckus, Kiko starts the day normally – washing clothes by the drying well.  Realizing that there is more than just water in the well, a quick pause is all that Kiko needs to muster enough strength and face a new chapter in his life.


Domingo Almoete, Neil Suarez, Earl Andrew Figueroa


DIRECTOR: Florencio M. Driz, Jr. WRITER: Florencio M. Driz, Jr. CINEMATOGRAPHER: Gian Ortega PRODUCTION DESIGN: Benjie Donasco, GlecyPeñaloza EDITOR: Dan Masinsin, Jerel Travezonda ORIGINAL MUSIC: JohnoyDanao SOUND OPERATOR: Frank M. Ferguson, Jr. PRODUCER: Ryan Quimpo LINE PRODUCER: Janina Gacosta ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Mark Angelo Sakay CREATIVE CONSULTANT: Arvin “Kadiboy” Belarmino, Alejandro “Bong” Ramos CAMERA OPERATOR: Jayson Mondragon, Mark Sakay, Epi Cabagua, Dennis Ruba MAKE-UP and WARDROBE: Maxwell Cello PROSTHETICS: Bessie Gray, Qhris Lang

Behind the Scenes