by Kip Oebanda

Dakip is a little boy who lives with his parents – Day and Ric – inside Camp Delgado, a makeshift prison inside a military camp for both rebels and criminals. Day does her best to shelter the child from the harsh realities of their life. She tells stories about an enchantress named Liway, with songs and imagination to help keep her boy from trauma. However, at the tail end of the Martial Law, her own dark past catches up on her and the lives of the detainees become increasingly difficult. She is confronted with the cruel possibility that the best interest of her child means never seeing her again. This is based on a true story.

RUNNING TIME: 100 mins


Glaiza de Castro, Dominic Roco, Kenken Nuyad, Sue Prado, Soliman Cruz, Joel Saracho, Sue Prado, Paolo O’Hara, Ebong Joson, Nico Antonio, Gerry Cornejo, Diana Alferez, Julie Bautista, Pau Benitez, Liway Gabo, She Maala, Renante Bustamante & Madeleine Nicolas


Director Kip Oebanda
Screenplay Kip Oebanda & Zig Dulay
Editor Chuck Gutierrez
Cinematography Pong Ignacio
Production Design  Aped Santos, PDGP
Original Music Nhick Pacis
Sound Design Wildsound
Line Producer Jed Medrano
Producer Alemberg Ang
Production Manager Lucky Jay De Guzman

GENRE: Drama, Political

Behind the Scenes