by Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez

A pessimistic uninspired middle-aged artist finds spark with a millennial photographer who leads her on a path of creative and sexual reawakening.


Enzo Pineda, Sunshine Cruz, Raymond Bagatsing, Bernadette Allyson


Leilani Chavez, is a journalist, creative writer, screenwriter, creative producer and humanitarian. She has written award-winning and landmark television narratives like “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real,” “The Rich Man’s Daughter,” and “My Faithful Husband” for GMA Network Inc. and helmed series such us “Taddy Taddy po!” and “Outlife” for Viva and D5. She is also a photographer and videographer and is working on publishing a collection of flash fictions. She attended the Cinemalaya Institute’s Screenwriting class with Sophia Wellington in 2016.

Danica Sta. Lucia is an advertising major by education but a video editor and producer by profession. She edited TVCs, TV shows in GMA Network and produced digital series for D5 and Corporate videos for Globe.

“Malamaya” is the directorial debut of Leilani and Danica through Cine Likha Productions, Spears Films and ALV. Cine Likha aims to produce stories of women, written and directed by women to empower women.


Leilani Chavez
Quarter-life -crisis hit me hard. I had no job, no career, no savings, and with a broken heart. I was depressed, uninspired, and restless. It reached the point that my parents and friends have to force me out of the house.

It was the presence of my mom and my middle-aged female friends that I managed to overcome that period. While sitting across them, I realised this: At some point, they experienced what I am experiencing; they braved through problems bigger than mine and yet, they survived. They reached their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and remained strong, fierce, and beautiful. They are inspiring.

For me, it is recovering from brokenness, recapturing the essence of what was lost – identities included while on the path of healing. It is arriving at a place we never left. And like all journeys, it is best shared with friends.

This film is an homage to our moms and all the strong women in our lives whose mere presence inspire us to survive.

Danica Sta. Lucia
Malamaya is a dream come true and dreams are made of hard choices.

A tale of beauty and brokenness and the acceptance that we are both at the same time. That life is an art and we are its artworks. That we are continuously being molded by our daily choices that make and/or break us. And even if we make mistakes or lost our way somehow, in some way life still gives us an unexpected masterpiece.


Directors Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez
Screenplay Leilani Chavez and Liberty Trinidad
Cinematography Ian Marasigan
Production Design Kim Perez
Editing Estela Paiso
Original Music Score/Sound Media East Productions


GENRE: Drama, Romance

Behind the Scenes