Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival
August 8, 2017
TUESDAY, August 8, at the 13th Cinemalaya Film Festival presents the Cinemalaya Campus, one documentary film, three full-lengths and one short feature in the Main Competition, three featured films for Indie Nation, two films for Visions of Asia, one animation film for Animahenasyon, a Tribute to Filipino film director Gil Portes, and a Cinemalaya Retrospective section.
Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theater) offers "Bagahe (The Baggage)" by Zig Dulay at 3:30pm, "Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha" by Mes De Guzman at 6:15pm, and "Requited” by Nerissa Picadizo at 9:00pm.
"Bagahe (The Baggage)" is a film about an Overseas Filipino Worker who rids herself of unwanted baggage on the flight back home, while "Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha (The Family That Doesn't Weep)" focuses on a desperate woman who is looking for the famous family that doesn't weep so she can reunite with her own family. In "Requited," the film tells about an ailing biker who takes to the trail for one last adventure which pits him against nature and the woman he desires.
Meanwhile, at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater), catch the Cinemalaya Campus at 8:30am-2:30pm, Visions of Asia film “Above It All” by Lao PDR director Anysay Keola, Indie Nation flick “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2” by Marlon Rivera, and Vision of Asia film “Asian Threefold Mirror 2016: Reflections” by Brillante Ma Mendoza, Isao Yukisada and Sotho Kulikar.
This year's Cinemalaya Campus goes beyond the task of reading films which has been addressed before, and instead looks closely into the production of meaning. It will tackle questions such as: What is the role of the producer or the company in the whole scheme of film production? What is the role of the director, the screenwriter, and other members of the staff in the production of meaning? and What is the role of the viewer?
“Above It All” focuses on a male medical graduate and a Hmong woman - both named Noy – as they confront their predicaments amid conflicting emotions, while the second installment of “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” features Filipino actress Eugene Domingo as she prepares for her comeback vehicle after a long sabbatical from moviemaking.  "Asian Three-fold Mirror 2016: Reflections" is the first of the omnibus film series that aims to generate new perspectives as it reflects on the history and culture of the chosen countries — Philippines, Japan, and Cambodia. The said screening is held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ASEAN.
Watch the Dokyu film “Beyond the Block" by Ricky Carranza at 12:45pm, Indie Nation flick “Tisay” by Alfonso Torre III at 3:30pm, Shorts A films at 6:15pm and Indie Nation’s “Kabisera” by Arturo San Agustin and Real Florido at 9:00pm at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute (Studio Theater).
“Beyond the Block” chronicles the evolution of Filipino street dance, as seen from the eyes of the filmmaker. This is the untold story of Filipino street dance, showcasing five decades of unrevealed and connected history of Filipino legendary dancers and groups. In “Tisay,” a beautiful bookie recruits a promising player to the underworld of game-fixing happening in the semi-pro basketball league. Shorts A films consist of “Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25” by Carlo Francisco Manatad, “Sorry For The Inconvenience” by Carl Adrian Chavez, “Lola Loleng (Grandma Loleng)” by Jean Cheryl Tagyamon; “Aliens Ata (Maybe Aliens)” by Karl Glenn Barit; “Islabodan (Free Men)” by Juan Carlo Tarobal, and “Manong ng Pa-Aling (Man of Pa-Aling)” by E del Mundo. With socio-political undertones, the film “Kabisera” follows a Filipino family confronted by certain elements involved in extra-judicial killings and other societal abuses.  
See the films featured in Program 1 of Animahenasyon at 3:30pm, “Mulanay” by Gil Portes at 6:15pm, and the Cinemalaya Retrospective film “Mercury is Mine” by Jason Paul Laxamana at 9:00pm at the Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theater).
Animahenasyon’s Program 1 features flicks like Hamster Quest, Sweet Victory, Cupid’s Serenade, Ulan, Love & Marriage, An Maogmang Lugar, The Perfect Match, Passage of Life, Sorcerace, Sincillola, Papel, Mitatang, Manang, Splat, People, “Close-Up” TVC, Marianing, Emerge, Pinagrok, When Alma Died, Strings, Powerwhores, Sanayan Lang Ang Pagpatay, and Hinagunoy sa Goryon.
This year’s festival pays tribute to acclaimed director Gil Portes through a special screening of “Mulanay,” which depicts the struggles of a young lady doctor in a far-flung, almost-forgotten fishing village in Quezon.  “Mercury is Mine” is a film about the female cook and owner of an eatery at the foothills of Arayat in Pampanga while her Mercury is the young American who waits on tables.
For more information, please contact the Media Arts Division at 832-1125 loc. 1705, 1712, visit, and follow the Cinemalaya official FacebookTwitter, and Instagram account. For ticket inquiries, you can call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704.

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