by Ishmael Bernal

119mins |Drama | 1976

In the impoverished village of Sta. Fe, some investors capitalize on fish pens growing milkfish under the care of Mang Pedro (Ruben Rustia). But for some mysterious reason, the fish are dying. To save the situation, they decide to salt the fish and dry them under the sun. Benjamin (George Estregan), who owns a boat that shuttles passengers to town, has a regular passenger Chedeng (Daria Ramirez), who is going to be a midwife soon. Chedeng has a close friend and neighbor Maria (Elizabeth Oropesa), but unknown to each other, they are both Benjamin’s lovers. When Maria becomes pregnant, she becomes Chedeng’s first patient and a disastrous situation that ends in tragedy ensues.

George Estregan, Elizabeth Oropesa, Daria Ramirez Rustica Carpio, Tony Carreon, Leticia De Guzman, Tita De Villa, Pedro Faustino, Lem Garcellano, Nenita Jana, Ella Luansing, Ven Medina, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Ruben Rustia, Paquito Salcedo

DIRECTOR Ishmael Bernal STORY & SCREENPLAY Jorge Arago PRODUCER Jesse Ejercito DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Arnold Alvaro MUSIC Vanishing Tribe FILM EDITOR Augusto Salvador SOUND SUPERVISION Manuel Daves