by  Francis Amir Guillermo

The continuous disappearance of townsmen ignited the town captain to search the woods in order to find out who is behind the disappearances and where are the people being brought to. Upon his search, the town captain and his son came across a mysterious answer.


On the 21st of September of 1996, a peculiar child was born with primary complex and an urge to never remain at one point. Despite growing up as if the world ran out of air to give, this child never remained still and never saw the world stop. Until one day, he met the cinemas. Inside where the temperature was different and the surrounding was meant to drown you in darkness, the whole world stopped for three hours as he slowly swims into a new, unidentified, and unfamiliar world. Today he lives in Quezon City, Philippines and has learned to create worlds, bend time, and create fictions to share (and even to keep to his own), within the countless corners of cinema. Within arm’s reach of the current generation and the next generation of Filipino filmmakers, Francis Guillermo aims to become a prominent filmmaker of his own
Shaira Advincula is a Filipina filmmaker who graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Film at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. Her recent work, “Tembong” was a nominee of the recent FAMAS 2019 for Best Short Film. The film was also a recipient of the UPFI-Canon Filmmaker Grant 2018 and was awarded as Best Thesis for the UPFI’s Likha Adarna 2018. Her film also won the Golden Durian Prize for Best Mindanao Short in SalamindanawAsian Film Festival 2018 in General Santos City. Tembong was also screened at CineKasimanwa 6 in Western Visayas, CinemaRehiyon 11 in Dumaguete, and in Short Cut film festival in Inđija, Serbia. Hailing from South Cotabato, she aspires to bring forward diverse Mindanawon narratives through visual storytelling.

At present, she works as a Creative Associate under the newborn film production outfit, Project 8 corner San Joaquin Projects, Inc. which teams up with up-and-coming directors in producing films where the story is king.


In a world where truth can be overshadowed by darkness, who do you believe in? What would you believe in? Inspired by the Philippine mythological folklore of Tambal, a creature who copies an individual while it leads its victim deep into the woods, this film shows how the identity of Filipinos were lost through a series of fake information as they continuously revolve around the regime of the Marcoses. The continuous disappearance of people and the surrounding mystery to why and how they disappear has created this monster, this fear, who continuously takes victims during the darkest days of this country.  If we burn the tree of the Marcoses down, are we sure that no other tree would stand the same? Or perhaps we haven’t burned down the tree to its roots.


GENRE: Horror Fantasy

Behind the Scenes