by Mohammad Reza Haji Gholami
15 minutes|Drama|2016

His father is a defender of the Holy Shrine, giving military assistance to fighters in Iraq and Syria in their battle against terrorist groups. One day when he returns home from school, he overhears part of a conversation between his mother and sister about the potential martyrdom of his father in the front line. In order to make sure that his father will return home safe and sound, he makes a vow with Almighty Allah. “Salam (Hello)” is a short fiction story about the boy and his resolve to fulfil his vow. He makes a religious vow to say hello to 1000 people so that his father would come home unscathed. The short film shows him rushing to different places, saying hello to people and receiving answers. Until midnight, the teenage boy, with the help of his friend, records 999 hello in his notebook. The last hello is when he sees his father getting off a car while limping. The film highlights the hardship that families of fighters on the front line go through when they are away.


SajjadEsmaeili, Amir HosseinAzizi, MaliheKhoshnam, BehnazZahmatkesh, Mohammad Reza Eskandari, Ali Mazidi, Mehdi Ghanee, AsgharDehqan,


Director Mohammad Reza Haji Gholami
Producers GibreelNajafi, Hussein AsadiZadeh
Writers AkramSadeghi, AtefehSalehi
Consultant Abbas Golarsan
Executor of Plan Institute of Cultur&Religious Omid
Editor Saseed Salman Rooghani


Born in 1982, Mohammadreza Haji Gholami is a graduate of Cinema. He has made many short films and documentaries. His first film Stammer won the Best Director award in 31st Int’l Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan.