by  Roman Perez Jr.

Sol Searching revolves around strict grade school teacher Sol Dolores (GillethSandico), the only person in the community who has the guts and patience to educate the farmers. Living in a province whose source of livelihood is farming, Sol saw what others had left as is– that their village’s farmers lack the knowledge and funds to produce enough crops for a living. When Sol dies, her husband Djanggo Dolores (Joey Marquez) does not have enough funds to have her buried. It reached a point where her coffin had to be brought by Lorelei Baloloy (Pokwang) and Bugoy (JM Salvado) to various places so they could get enough funds or finally find someone who can help bury her.


Marietta “Pokwang” Subong, Joey Marquez, Gilleth Sandico, JM Salvado, Raul Morit, Lotlot Bustamante, Mayen Estanero, Raffy Tejada, KenKen Nuyad


Executive Producer: Dr. Milagros How
Director: Roman Perez Jr.
Line Producer: Mary Ann Perez
Associate Producer: KeilaCelso
Director of Photography: Odyssey Flores
Production Designer: James Rosendal
Asst. Director: Soc Jose
Production Manager: Oniel Parker
Editor: ChriselDesuasido
Screenplay: Roman Perez Jr., Mark Norman Boquiren

GENRE: Dark Comedy

RUNNING TIME: 100 mins

Behind the Scenes