by  Shaira Advincula

In a culture where designs are dreamt about and to be woven only by women, a T’boli man is challenged to face a cultural norm as the abaca goddess shows him a pattern to weave in his dreams.


Dreams unravel both the future and the past. An ethnic group of women weavers, the T’bolis, in Mindanao dream of the patterns of their designs before bringing it to life. However, the intricacies of dream weaving are often neglected because of societal pressures in this changing world. The Philippines is home to more than five hundred Indigenous Peoples – communities that remain one of the poorest, most excluded and disadvantaged sectors of society. Their low chance of survival makes their numbers deplete, culture and traditions forgotten.

As woman filmmaker from Mindanao, I want to bring forward the narratives of unheard voices – minorities who continue to suffer exclusion and marginalization, and lack equal access to basic services. The protection of these peoples should not be weighed only by the exoticism seen in their cultures.


GENRE: Historical Drama

Behind the Scenes