15:53 minutes | 2008

Trails of Water is about a young boy’s emotion as seen through his make-believe story. His story is about Galeno who struggles to survive in his everyday life by fetching water from the nearby mining site for a living. His village is then caught in a mass paranoia where everyone is suspicious of a newcomer in the village. This results in a killing phenomenon. No one knows who the person is until the stranger reveals himself to Galeno.


Joel Arnan, Beatriz Atilano, Sheron R. Dayoc, Albert Maguilon, Anthony Villamor, Edward-Chan Dioquino, Paul Alfonse J. Marquez, Zurich Chan


Director SheronDayoc, Screenwriter Zurich Chan, Storywriters Edward Chan Dioquino, SheronDayco, Zurich Chan, Executive Producer Emmanuel Yap, Producer Zurich Chan, Cinematographer SheronDayoc, Editors SheronDayoc, Dexter Dela Peña, Original Soundtrack Composer Zurich Chan, Art Director Dexter Dela Peña, Production Manager Paul Alfonse J. Marquez, Casting Directors Dexter Dela Peña, Zurich Chan, Assistant DirectorZurich Chan