by Faouzi Bensaïdi
12:27 minutes |Morocco| 2019

Under the impacts of a changing climate, the world changes, it has already changed.In a distant and near future, both fantastic and absurd, men and women survive as they can.Following a man, a slender figure between Tati and Buster Keaton, we discover through scenesof his daily life how devastating the effects of climate change are on humans and nature.

Howdo we barricade against excessive heat or cold? How will it be to go to a supermarket, or a zoofilled with different animals and species? A disturbing and hilarious ride in the future, that isalready our present.


FaouziBensaidi, AbdelhadiTaleb, MouhcineMaizi, NezhaRahil, Mohamed El Warradi, ShadiBensaidi, KenziBensaidi, Mohamed Cheouki, Abdellah Ait Sad, AbdessamadManouil, DarikDounia, Darik Bahia, Darik Salah, El Ghazi Oumaima

Production Staff

Director FaouziBensaidi
Screenplay FaouziBensaidi
Director of Photography RamilAloul
Editor FaouziBensaidi
Sound EngineerPatrice Mendez
Production Designer NezhaRahil
Executive ProducerVincent Melilli
ProductionArt for the World


FaouziBensaidi was trained as an actor at the Dramatic Institute in Rabat then at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris in 1995. After several staging at the theater, he went on todirect short films from 1997 with notably La Falaisethat have won 23 awards at festivals. He co-wrote the screenplay for Far From André Techiné in 1999 and then signed his first feature filmMille mois in 2003.

Behind the Scenes