Rommel Tolentino
20 minutes | Drama, Comedy | 2008

Six-year-old Andong is obsessed, and nothing, not even his mother’s disapproval and constant nagging can help curve his somewhat inordinate infatuation. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, when the precocious little boy goes into a mad frenzy over the prospect of finally, landing the much-coveted love-of-his-life. For a poor boy who only yearns for one thing – and nothing more in his life – this break is, without a doubt, the answer to all his prayers. Now, if only he can convince his mother to give him twenty pesos. It is harder than he thinks. Andong is a story about pre-juvenile obsession, family dynamics and the real value of a hard-fought twenty pesos.


Leo Solis, Leonardo Solis, Teresita Solis, Job Leonoro, Manuel Gonzaga


Story/Screenwriter & Director Rommel Tolentino, Production Company StudioIndio, Executive Producer Toti Reyes, Cinematographer & Editor Milo Tolentino

*Cinemalaya Award- Best Short Film & Best Screenplay (Rommel Tolentino)