BELOVED (Delband)

by  YaserTalebi
61mins |Documentary |2018 |Iran

Life as a herder is hard and solitary, but the 82-year-old Iranian Firouzeh loves the ever-changing nature, the hard life and her faithful cows. She hikes across the rugged landscape, lugs bundles of wood and still nimbly climbs tress. “Beloved” follows this strong-minded woman in her work across the seasons as she tells the story of her life, with work and fate as the dominant themes. She makes fervent efforts to get closer to her kids.

* NETPAC Award winner, Ulju Mountain Film Festival, South Korea, 2019

With FirouzehKhorshidi

Director YaserTalebi
Producer ElahehNobakht
Editor Reza Shirvani
Director of Photography YaserTalebi
Composer Akbar Rastgar
Sound RecordistMisaghModanloo
Sound Designer HosseinAbolsedgh
Researcher Ali RamzaniPaji
Story Editor FarzanehFathi
Production Manager ElhamNobakht
Film Contact Eli Image-ElahehNobakht|


He is an Iranian film director and member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association. He was born in Sari, Iran in 1982. He travels around the globe to meet people and explore the environment, history and culture of different lands. His recent projects won numerous awards from film festivals worldwide.

Among his works are the following documentary films—The Iron Dream (35mins/2016); My Heart (2mins/2014); The Stoppage Dam (35mins/2013); No One Cares About Jungles (20mins/2012); and Sky Isn’t Empty (15mins/2012).


A woman belonging to the last generation of the traditional herders of Mazandaran in North Iran, is the symbol of sad but strong and kind mother who is devoted to nature and her cattle. Firouzeh, the 82 year-old woman, prefers living lonely with difficulties of herding in the mountain to the comfortable life in the city. She fascinates us with her life story that reflects the pleasure of the simple life, devotion to nature, and relationship between human and domestic animals.

Director’s Motivation

Discovering the mystery of the eternity of the simple life of a lonely 82-year-old woman and her deep devotion to her cattle is the main reason of making this film. Firouzeh reminds me of my own grandmother whose life was mostly like the hero of this film “Beloved.”

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