Roderick Cabrido
90 mins | Drama | 2014

Inspired by a TV documentary made by the same director, the film is based on a true story of children ages 13-15 being exploited by a powerful syndicate managing a betting game involving underground fighting.

Al and Jun, fraternal twin brothers, earn a living by doing the oddest stints while their grandmother manages to raise them despite their extreme poverty.

In dire need to earn extra money, the brothers engage into clandestine fistfight matches. As the brothers fight their way to success, the sudden return of their estranged father abruptly turns things upside down.


Allen Dizon, Gloria Sevilla, Suzette Ranillo, Nathan Lopez, Jacob Clayton, Divine Grace Aucina, Buboy Villar, Miggs Cuaderno


Director Derick Cabrido, Screenwriter Ralston Jover, Executive Producers Jade Valenzuela, Joseph Laban, Producers Jedd Dumaguina, Sheron Dayoc, Suzette Ranillo, Associate Producers Bong E. Salvejos, Arianne Nicole Dulay, Line Producer Bong E. Salvejos, Director of Photography Mycko David, Music Scorer Bryan Dumaguina, Editor Gerone Centeno, Production Designer Stefanie Dereja, Assistant Directors Ian Bondoc, Marj Darunday, 2nd Assistant Director JE Tiglao, Production Manager Arianne Nicole Dulay, Script Supervisor Baschia Mariano, Field Sound Recordists Jonathan Hee, Bryan Dumaguina

*Cinemalaya Award-Best Sound (Jonathan Hee & Brian Dumaguina), Best Editing (Gerone Centeno), Best Supporting Actor (Miggs Cuaderno), Best Cinematography (Mycko David), Canon Award