by Maria S. Ranillo
19 minutes | Docu-light Comedy, Drama |2019 |G

We will witness how an 85yr old woman, Nang Em, from Cebu survived alone through all of these walls that push you away in these times of Quarantine era.  Though falling sometimes into her own depression and anxieties in a time when the world stops and forces people to look into themselves for “renewal” of spirit, body and soul, Nang Em, fights through these  negativities.She will show us how it is in the eyes of someone who went through time with grace and reckless abandon. And when an Ilonggo maintenance guy, Tagalog, comes to dip his mundane life into the scene of this wisdom-filled woman, we see how worlds come to connect and fill the gap of these times that don’t seem to mean anything to each other. We realize there is a thin line between old and new for a future set for the taking. Nang Em will open eyes to a whole understanding of being “old” in the time of “new.”


Gloria Sevilla (Nang Em), Manu Respall (Tagalog), Jolevs Domingo (Maintenance Guy 2)

Production Staff

Writer & Director Maria S. Ranillo
Producers Maria S. Ranillo, Ronaldo Bertubin
Director Of Photography Jolevs Domingo
Production Manager Edna Mendoza
Production Assistant Mark Balce
Editor Jolevs Domingo
Acknowledgments Island Pacific Supermarket, USA; BahaySaPinas, USA

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