by Seph Tan
30 minutes |Romance, Drama |2019

Leo, an enthusiastic guy, falls for the charms of his best friend, Amara, who rejects him as soon as he confesses his love for her. Now, they must meet again because of a mini reunion their friend Ed and Pascual organized. Will old wounds reopen if they see each other again? Will feelings return? Will this be his second chance at love?


CAST   Ron Matthews Espinosa, Camille Rose Martinez


DIRECTOR Jay Palmares; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Atty. Helen J. Catalbas; PRODUCER ElvertBañares; CREW Dona Galindo, Duane Kirby Fernandez, Andrew Sayo, Charlene Eiman Gallo, Mitch Fresnillo, Phoebe Kate Gaitan, CrasonWissen, Kyle Enrique Diestro

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