Cinemalaya 2015


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  • Nenok, a nine-year-old street kid in Malolos, Bulacan adopts the city’s historic Barasoain Church as a temporary home and his personal space for mischief to the distress and annoyance of Mang Johnny, the stern parish groundskeeper. Running Time: 19...
  • Year 1983:  Ms. Estrella investigates the case of Carlito Dimahilig, the assassin who attempted to kill Imelda Marcos.  Running time: 9 minutes
  • Marisa lives alone in the dark with an even darker secret.  Running Time: 15 minutes
  • Tib chances upon an old map that triggers him to retrace the places that are special to him and his high school best friend, Tric. Running Time: 20 minutes
  • When extreme devotion and unconditional love collide, a mother and her daughter find their escape out of the loophole that binds them together. Running Time: 19:23 minutes
  • During a performance, a ventriloquist suddenly finds himself talking with his past.  Will he continue the conversation or remain tight-lipped from a voice long kept? Running Time: 5:44 minutes 
  • Having just entered puberty, bride (Dilan Aksüt) had been forced to marry with groom (Ilyas Salman) who is more than fifty years older than her and who just returned to his hometown after doing years of jail time. Sitting in the nuptial chamber with...
  • Three orphaned siblings find themselves battling with a corrupt local police chief over ownership of their mother’s ancestral home, in this playfully stylized, deadpan-funny tragicomedy. (Cultural Resistance Film Festival, Lebanon, 2014) Running...
  • A lost film buried beneath the killing fields reveals different versions of the truth. The Last Reel is a contemporary story about love, family and ghosts of Cambodia’s past. (The Black Dragon Award, Udine Film Festival, 2015) Running Time:  ...

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